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The NPC Podcast Episode 43 - What Even is Plot?

This week on the show, The NPCs talk Plot and story in video games and how we, like, don't need it to make money so, like, why even, like, have it, or whatever?

Also, more news from around the industry, Google getting into video games, and Leonard's new Nintendo News Box.

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The NPC Podcast Episode 34 - The Red Dead Discussion

Howdy y'all!

This week is all about Red Dead Redemption 2!

Everyone here at the podcast has played RDR2 and have fallen in love with it to varying degrees, except Leonard. So instead, the NPCs are proud to introduce the newest, and officially youngest NPC, Kent, to our little family.

Also, new breaks about Diablo Immortal and other things that happened at blizcon, people are mad about something Call of Duty has done, and the sun will rise tomorrow.

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The NPC Podcast Episode 33 - Dream Games

New episode with the same ol’ NPCs. This week we talk about unions and if they would be goo for the gaming industry or if they should be left to the pink-o commies. Also, Destiny 2’s new Festival of the Lost, Red Dead’s return, and we day dream about games we wish were made in the first of our “If We Could Make Game Studios Make Games for Us” segments.

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The NPC Podcast Episode 32 - Reviews for Red Dead

This week the NPCs talk video game reviews. How useful are they in an age where you can watch a strange play the entire game? Why do they only seem to use 95, 90, and 40 to score games? We try and answer all of these and much more!

Also, new from around the industry! Whats going on at Tell Tale? Will Red Dead Redemption 2 be good? (yeah)


The NPC Podcast Episode 31 - Guilty Pleasures

It’s a hell-of-a week here at the Silver Tongue studios and we are all super tired, but that doesn’t mean that we are shirking our responsibilities and skipping this week. No! Instead we have a lower than average energy episode of The NPC Podcast.

News this week in gaming was a bit terrible and we break Dan by breaking news to him. Also, we talk a little bit about our guilty pleasure games of the past.

Katy is out for this week but we still have Destiny 2 news for you.


The NPC Podcast Episode 30 - PvP, Bro

Bro, you can’t handle this episode of The NPC Podcast, bro. Git gud.

PvP is the topic of the week. What it is, what is means, can it even happen anymore? With Fortnite being the most popular game in a long time and Smash Brothers going to Evo every year, what is PvP anymore? Does it just mean finding the best way to win despite having no actual skill? Well the NPCs do their best to answer it all.

Also, a little bit of news.

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The NPC Podcast Episode 27 - Free-to-Play Fortnite Killer

Here it is! Episode 27! The episode you’ve all been waiting for is here! Today, we kill Fortnite!

Long have we suffered under Fortnite’s rule. This day will be the day we choose life! Join us, and together we will rule the battle royale field as father and son.

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!

Also, Evil Paul visits the Silver Tongue Studio.