The Non-Player Character Podcast

Hosted by The Non-Player Character Paul and his team of co-host NPCs, Katy, Dan, Leonard and Kent, The Non-Player Character Podcast brings you the latest in video game news from around the industry. Got a video game publisher cheating people out of their hard earned money? They’re there! Another “Triple A” Game getting delayed yet again? They have something to say about it! Are you angry that you have to pay money to play video games when it’s just a hobby for you? Well, shut up, pay the money, and play the game! Don’t be a tool! People worked hard on that game!


Midnight in the bay

Listen to the rants and raves of a millennial dad just trying to live his best life in The Bay. Comical questions of right and wrong, misunderstandings that lead to crazy outcomes, and thoughtful retrospectives on life's little mysteries - Alex is just trying to make sense of it all.

Recorded weekly as Alex’s mind is free to wonder, sliding from one topic to the next with a flavor all his own. A little heart, a little mind, and a lot of balls.

Special guests, monologues, and a haze of weed smoke.

Midnight in the Bay is Hosted by Alex Midnight.

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The NPC adventures

Join the NPCs from the Non-Player Character Podcast every other week for this huge podcast as they delve dungeons, kill monsters and roll a bunch of dice to determine the outcome of the effectiveness of either.

It’s a fun ride for friends of The NPCs or anyone looking to scratch that RPG itch.