Sterling Quality


Sterling quality audio entertainment.

We here at Silver Tongue Studios produce the finest in podcasts and audio entertainment with a focus on quality and content. With the hilarious and knowledgeable Non-Player Character Podcast, the NPC's take a hard look into the video game industry with charming personality and bite-sized skits helping them along. Not only do the NPC's talk about video games, but now, every other week,

The NPCs Katy, Dan, and Noah play a table top, pen and paper RPG called The NPC Adventures, run by Paul.

Midnight in the Bay  comes to the Sliver Tongue Network with weekly rants and raves from Alex Midnight as he tries to make sense of the crumbling world around him, being a dad in this kind of world, and his crazy past with drugs and even crazy people. It's funny, it's crude and it makes a damn good point or two.

There is so much more to come in the future from The Silver Tongue Audio Network!